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Sellers should choose a real estate professional that is competent, knowledgeable and has a proven track record.

A competent real estate agent knows how to sell a property.  Ask if your Realtor is using all available tools to get your home sold.  Does your agent use the Internet?  Is your agent using Google, Adwords, squeezepages, multiple domains, and other domains to drive internet traffic to sell your home?  Does your agent use multiple pictures?  What about videos and virtual tours?  Is your agent using syndication tools? Is your agent a member of the local and state MLS boards?  Is your agent a Realtor?  Make sure your agent is competent to sell your property.

A knowledgeable real estate professional invests in themselves as well as you.  Does your agent exceed the state requirements for education? Does your agent know the local, state and federal law, legal paperwork, disclosure laws, housing laws, rules & regulations as well as the professional etiquette required when selling your home?  Does your agent continue to educate himself to better serve you? If your agent isn’t up to date on the law, rules & regulations as well as etiquette of home selling, you may find yourself in more trouble than you wanted.  Make sure your agent is knowledgeable in the field of real estate.

A successful real estate agent knows what it takes to stay in business.  Has your agent been in real estate few years?  A few months? Or even a few weeks? Helping you with one of your biggest financial decisions is what I will do.  I’ve been with several real estate companies and joined Vestors Realty in 2014.

When it comes time to sell, make sure you make the right choice.  I will leverage my tools, experience, knowledge and passion to help you make the best selling decision for you, your family and your friends.